My dog is aggressive to other dogs

Aggression is a complex subject, and it is vital to understand the underlying cause before trying to treat it. We always recommend that you have your dog checked over by a vet as a first port of call, to rule out any physical issues, before we approach the behaviour itself.

Because behaviour problems can differ so greatly, we offer bespoke behaviour modification programmes designed entirely around you, your dog and your lifestyle. While we offer no ‘magic wand’ or ‘quick fix’ solutions, we do offer a high level of support on your journey to improving your dog’s behaviour, and we use only the kindest, most effective force free behaviour modification techniques.

Please complete the Contact form giving as much information as you can regarding the problem(s) you are having, plus the breed and age of your dog, and we will call you to discuss arranging an appointment.

All behaviour consultations are carried out by our highly experienced & qualified dog behaviourist, Donna McDonnell.