My dog has another behaviour problem

Behaviour problems can be many and varied, but what is important to understand is that your dog isn’t doing it just to annoy you (promise!) or to try and be ‘the boss’ in the household. In fact, disregard status completely; it’s really old ‘science’. Common reasons behind behaviour problems can include stress, boredom, fear, anxiety or maybe just inconsistency in your communication, or any combination of the above.

Because behaviour problems can differ so greatly, we offer bespoke programmes designed entirely around you, your dog and your lifestyle. While we offer no ‘magic wand’ or ‘quick fix’ solutions, we do offer a high level of support on your journey to improving your dog’s behaviour, and we use only the kindest, most effective behaviour modification techniques.

If you would like help with a behaviour problem, please complete the Contact form giving as much information as you can regarding the problem(s) you are having, plus the breed and age of your dog.

All behaviour consultations are carried out by our highly experienced & qualified dog behaviourist.