1 to 1 classes

Some dogs, and indeed some humans, are not suited to the class environment for various different reasons.

  • Perhaps your puppy is too old for the puppy classes but has not had any previous training?
  • Perhaps your dog is nervous around other dogs
  • Perhaps you prefer the idea of individual attention from our qualified and experienced instructors?
  • Perhaps you have specific things you would like to work on?

At our training centre in Wanborough we offer one to one training sessions where we can tailor the training to suit you and your dog.   We usually advise a series of 30 minute sessions as 1 hour is a long time for one dog to be training.    However, if you also have things you would like to discuss with us, you might want to consider a one hour session initially.

Splendid Rachel is a fantastic trainer of people and dogs. As first time dog owners she had to teach us a lot about dog behaviour and psychology. Now we can teach our adult rescue dog a way of life that is fun, keeps him safe and allows us to build our bond with him. Rachel’s skills, knowledge and huge amounts of patience have been instrumental in this.

There is a huge amount of often contradictory advice about dog training on the internet, ranging from the completely impractical to the downright cruel, and we found it overwhelming trying to find the useful advice from the vast amount available. Rachel, with her compassionate and practical reward based approach, has helped us navigate this. With her invaluable assistance we are now well on the way to having a happy, well-adjusted dog without us having had a nervous breakdown!

Ralph & Andrea, 1-to-1 training

We moved house recently, so regretfully will not be able to go back to Abbey Dog Training for further training.  We would like to thank Leanne for all her fantastic advice and her patience and care . We will never forget her and sure McLeod won’t either as he absolutely loved Leanne.  Thank you also to Yvonne for everything you have done to help make our training run smoothly.

Brenda & Jim, 1-to-1 training