Gundog training

This gundog training for pet dogs that are first and foremost a family pet living in the comforts of a family home.

Before thinking about utilising your dog’s natural ‘working’ abilities, he needs to have acquired some basics through the Abbey Dog Training Puppy Class (or any other puppy class which uses positive training).

Gundog skills are ideal for using out on daily walks, creating fun and variety for both you and your dog. It is useful, although not essential, if your puppy can demonstrate:

  • Sit
  • Wait/Stay (for a short duration)
  • Recall
  • An ability to ignore/leave certain objects

The four week gundog training course will teach you:

  • whistle signals
  • hand signals
  • consistent, reliable and precise recall
  • basic retrieving skills (broken down into cast off, hold, return, present and finish)

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for the next course, please email

01793 791726 or 07900 692443

Initially, the focus is very much on ‘steadiness’ as this is an essential quality for all gundog work. Individual dogs and handlers will progress at different levels.   As we only take four dogs per class we give plenty of time to each dog, so there may also be an opportunity to learn different retrieves (e.g. memory and split) towards the end of the course.

The course will be taught using positive reinforcement and encouragement to allow you and your dog to have some fun while learning some new skills.

At the end of the four weeks  there will be an opportunity to discuss further progression into gundog work including structured Modular Training that works towards a Working Test and certificate.