Outdoor Fun Classes!

As with all of our classes the emphasis in our outdoor classes is on having fun with your dog. We have a maximum of 4 dogs per class ensuring personal attention from the instructor.


Agility is ideal for fit dogs over 1 year old. This is a  course of obstacles including jumps, tunnel, weaves, dog walk and A frame. Obstacles are numbered and the handler guides the dog around the course.


This is ideal for any dog, any age, any breed. As there is no jumping required some dogs with physical difficulties will be able to have fun with Hoopers as an alternative to Agility. The course consists of hoops, barrels and a short tall tunnel.


Flyball is ideal for fit dogs over 1 year old. It consists of 4 hurdles and a Flyball machine which delivers a tennis ball when the dog has learnt to put pressure on the machine to release the ball. The dog then runs back over the hurdles carrying the ball. Brilliant for dogs that love to retrieve tennis balls.


Parkour courses can be tailor made to suit any dog.  By using obstacles in the environment Parkour is an excellent way to enhance your walks. There are many different behaviours to teach your dog including, 2 or 4 paws on, over, under, through, around, along, TicTac, Pivot, balance and many more.


Wed 10th July, 17:00 Only 1 space remaining.
Sat 13th July, 9:00 Only 1 space remaining.
Sat 13th July, 11:00 Only 1 space remaining.


Tues 2nd July, 13:30 Only 1 space remaining. 

Hoopers & Flyball

Dates coming soon!!

For more information on all of our outdoor classes please contact Yvonne on 07562 728622 or email yvonne@abbeydogtraining.co.uk

Yvonne 07562 728622

Only 4 dogs per class
ensuring personal attention
Don’t risk a bigger class

and slower progress

Our classes are deliberately small
– never more than four dogs –
so you get the time you deserve
from our qualified trainers.