Help, my dog has turned adolescent!

Adolescence can be a challenging time for both dog and owner, and some of the skills that your puppy previously learnt can often fall apart during this time.

Adolescence in dogs typically happens between approximately 6 and 12 months although as with humans, this can vary a lot!

Our unique Adolescent Programme consists of a variation of training scenarios to ensure that you get the maximum support with the different challenges that can arise during this time, and is designed specifically to support you and your puppy through what can be a trying period between puppy and adulthood.

Part 1 (Initial  Home Visit)

This Home Visit is a 60 minute session where one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers will come to your home and discuss the challenges you are facing your teenage tearaway! You will then work together with your trainer either in you home or out on a walk, depending on what you feel would be most beneficial for you.

Part 2 (Follow up Home Visit)

This 60 minute session is designed to ensure that the training you have already started is going to plan. We will also then help you to progress your training further.

Part 3 (One:One Training)

The 4 x 30 minute one:one sessions (held at our premises in Wanborough) are designed to give you the opportunity to fine tune the training which you have already started. The lesson plan during these sessions is flexible and we will help you to progress the training at a pace that is best suited to you and your dog.

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