Choosing a puppy

Finding the right puppy for you and your family should be something that is done with a great deal of thought and care.

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself before acquiring your puppy.

How much time can you regularly dedicate to your dog’s activity and stimulation?
Some breeds of dog need more exercise than others. It is not always true that smaller breeds do not need as much exercise as larger breeds; much will depend on their physical type/abilities. If you want a dog who doesn’t need as much exercising, consider going to a rescue centre and getting an older dog who just wants to have a quiet life spending time with you.

Which dog is most suited to your lifestyle?
Consider how long you spend at home each day and how long the dog will be left alone for.  Do you have children or other pets that may affect your choice? How much space do you have in your home and garden? Puppies cannot be left for hours at a time to begin with – how will you ensure he/she won’t be left alone until they are old enough to cope?

What sort of personality are you looking for?
The personality of your dog is likely to be heavily influenced by the traits of its breed.

  • In pedigree dogs:
    Find out everything you can about the breed, any common health problems and traits.
  • In cross-breeds:
    Research each breed that makes up your dog, for example Cocker Spaniel and Poodle (Cockerpoo), and find out about their needs, traits and health issues.  Bear in mind that you might not get the best of both breed characteristics; in fact you could get the worst of both.   Also, is the mother/father a Working Cocker Spaniel, or a ‘Show’ strain?

Download the Puppy Guide to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choice about your next family member.