Puppy Programme, part 3:
Puppy Super Stars! 15 weeks – 28 weeks.

To attend our Puppy Super Stars course, you must have either completed Part 2 with Abbey Dog Training, or completed a similar course with another reputable force free trainer. If you have not previously attended either of the above, we can get you started with few one:one sessions to get you and your puppy up to speed and ready to join our Puppy Super Stars course. If you are unsure whether this is the right course for you, please contact us for advice.

All dogs are different, and therefore each class is different. We create a customised lesson plan to address the training needs of the four dogs on each course, rather than sticking to a rigid lesson plan.  Classes will include, adding distance duration and distractions to previously learnt skills including sit, down, wait and recall. We will also teach you a variety of new life skills including, settle, leave it and dog manners in a ‘fake cafe’ environment. One of the sessions will dedicated to teach your dog an emergency stop exercise, which includes, recall, stop, sit/down and wait.  This is an essential life skill that all dogs should know to keep them safe.


Thursday the 10th of October, 18:30 Only 1 space remaining
Saturday 12th of October, 15:00 FULL
Tuesday 15th of October, 18:00 FULL
Saturday 9th of November, 15:00 4 spaces remaining
Tuesday 12th of November, 18:oo 4 spaces remaining
Monday 25th of November, 18:00 4 spaces remaining
Wednesday 8th of January, 19:00 4 spaces remaining 
Sunday 26th January, 15:00 4 spaces remaining 

Please contact us if these dates are not suitable for you and we will endeavour to open another course which is suitable for both yours and our availability.

Yvonne 07562 728622

Only 4 dogs per class
ensuring personal attention
Don’t risk a bigger class

and slower progress

Our classes are deliberately small
– never more than four dogs –
so you get the time you deserve
from our qualified trainers.