Puppy Programme, part 1:
Foundation Puppy Life Skills, 8-12 weeks

‘Socialisation’ is an often mis-used word in puppy training, so let’s look at what it really means…

Many people assume that it means simply exposing the puppy to as many things as possible in as short a space of time. Actually, what really matters is that your puppy is having actively positive experiences of various humans, animals and environments.

You do need to know when your puppy isn’t coping, and when they are ok, and this can be hard to do sometimes. What we know is that constantly exposing a puppy to something that they find scary will rarely help them overcome their fears – in fact, they may become even more frightened, and develop fears towards many other things alongside it as a result.

Over 4 sessions in a 2 – 3 week period, we will help you learn the skills required to socialise your puppy in the right way, so that they have the best chance of turning into a well rounded adult dog. We’ll teach you how to recognise the more subtle signs of stress that often get over-looked, how to deal with set-backs, and lots more.

One of the 4 sessions  is just for the owners (no dogs).  This will be around 2.5 hours, depending on how many questions you have. We will be able to advise on ‘all things puppy’ during this session – for example socialisation, house training, mouthing, chewing, crate training, equipment etc.

The other 3 sessions are for you and your puppy. During these sessions we will give you the skills required to socialise your puppy in the right way including (but not limited to) dog-dog interactions, new sights and sounds, introducing equipment and handling techniques. We will also start some basic training including, clicker training and recall.

A full vaccination course is NOT REQUIRED to attend this programme.
You may think your puppy needs to be fully vaccinated to be able to attend our Puppy Foundation Life Skills, but this is not the case! Our Puppy Room is always thoroughly cleaned with a veterinary specific cleaning solution before and after every session, meaning that our floor is safe for your puppy to walk on if they haven’t finished their vaccinations yet.

Please get in touch if you would like to make a booking for Part 1 of the Puppy Programme, or would just like more information. We are as dedicated to providing the best possible start for your puppy as you are, so clients who book Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Puppy Programme together will receive a 20% discount on the total investment.


The dates and times of the 3 x one:one sessions and the "owners only" session will be organised with you upon booking.

For more information, please get in touch on our enquiry form

Yvonne 07562 728622

Knowing how important positive early socialisation is but feeling nervous about how to ensure I went about it in the right way, I attended this course with Doug. It covered lots of different areas of socialisation and there were lots of opportunities for questions; it's really helped us to get off on the right foot.

We've now moved on to part 2 (training essentials) and I continue to use the skills I learned in the socialisation programme, so that Doug can hopefully become a dog I can take anywhere with me when he's all grown up!

Rachael, Foundation Puppy Life Skills course