Puppy Programme, part 2:
Foundation Puppy Training Skills, 10-18 weeks

We will teach you the skills you’ll need in order to have a dog that can listen and respond to you when there are other dogs/distractions around. This puppy course is designed to help your dog learn that working with you is fun and rewarding.

All dogs are different, and therefore each class is different. We create a customised lesson plan to address the training needs of the four dogs on each course, rather than sticking to a rigid lesson plan.  Classes will include clicker training, sit and down, recall, leave it, swap/drop, stay/wait, and Q&A.  We may also include jumping up, loose lead walking, tricks, fun and games depending the progress of your puppy.

The maximum age for a puppy to start the course is 18 weeks. If your dog is older than that, please contact us to discuss how we can help.


Wednesday 25th of September, 17:30 Only 3 spaces remaining
Saturday 28th of September, 13:30 Full
Monday the 30th of September, 18:00 Only 1 space remaining
Sunday 13th of October, 13:30 Only 3 spaces remaining 
Wednesday the 16th of October, 17:45 Only 3 spaces remaining
Saturday 26th of October, 13:30 4 spaces remaining 
Monday 28th of October, 18:00 4 spaces remaining
Wednesday 13th of November, 17:45 4 spaces remaining 
Saturday 23rd of November , 13:30 4 spaces remaining 
Sunday 24th of November, 13:30 4 spaces remaining 


For more information, or to arrange a session at a date that suits you, please get in touch on our enquiry form

Yvonne 07562 728622

We really were quiet worried about Max’s shy behaviour before we came to you and had some invaluable advice about what we should and shouldn’t do. We have been for 2 walks today (half way down the street and back) but Max is happy to do this and no more at present. He didn’t even mind someone on a bike that went past which was a surprise! We are so impressed with Max and how he is progressing we would love him to do the next course with you.

Thanks so much again for all your help and see you very soon.

Sarah, Foundation Puppy Training Skills course

Only 4 dogs per class
ensuring personal attention
Don’t risk a bigger class
and slower progress

Our classes are deliberately small
– never more than four dogs –
so you get the time you deserve
from our qualified trainers.