We found the whole course very useful in introducing our little Wilma into our new Family. With great tips on socialisation and other aspects of puppy training.  Our Labrador Retriever seem particular worried about loud noises such as hoovers & Noisy animals, and with the help from Rachel & Donna we were able to over come these issues.  We are now looking forward to the next stage in Wilma’s training and have booked Puppy Part 2 (essential training) course.
Maria, Puppy Socialisation Programme

Splendid Rachel is a fantastic trainer of people and dogs. As first time dog owners she had to teach us a lot about dog behaviour and psychology. Now we can teach our adult rescue dog a way of life that is fun, keeps him safe and allows us to build our bond with him. Rachel’s skills, knowledge and huge amounts of patience have been instrumental in this.

There is a huge amount of often contradictory advice about dog training on the internet, ranging from the completely impractical to the downright cruel, and we found it overwhelming trying to find the useful advice from the vast amount available. Rachel, with her compassionate and practical reward based approach, has helped us navigate this. With her invaluable assistance we are now well on the way to having a happy, well-adjusted dog without us having had a nervous breakdown!

Ralph and Andrea, 1-to-1 training

Thanks for all your help with Merlin – he was very sad to see you leave after your last visit and kept looking at the window and checking your seat to see where you were.

We bought a double-ended lead, have been using it for about 2 weeks now and we’re delighted with it (now that I’ve got better co-ordinated!) Like you suggested, we have started a list of dogs he likes/doesn’t like and have noticed he gets prickly over dogs carrying sticks or balls, so now know to avoid them whenever possible.

We haven’t seen any ridden horses since our time with you but he, on the whole, is getting much better with horses in paddocks.

Thanks again, your help has been invaluable, we are definitely seeing a gradual improvement in all areas.

Graham, Behaviour

We have been taking Dotty, our 10 month old sprocker puppy, along to training sessions with Rachel for a few months now and I can honestly say we have enjoyed every single session, and more importantly, so has Dotty! We whole-heartedly agree with Rachel’s reward-based and positive approach and it has been amazing to see how quickly Dotty has picked things up and has, again more importantly, really enjoyed it!

We have already completed the ‘Puppy Progression’ course and have more recently began work on the ‘Bronze’ award which has so far been a lot of fun and very satisfying to understand more about how and why dogs, and in particular Dotty, behave as they do. We have also recently been to see Rachel for a 1:1 session to help us understand how we could improve Dotty’s recall and what we learned made total sense and will hopefully mean an improvement very soon…

Finally I just wanted to say how much we appreciate being able to ask any questions, however daft, and have been met with responses that are always always well thought out, informed and positive.

A big thank you from us!

Cally, Puppies, Bronze & 1:1

We are now halfway through our puppy training classes, and my wife and I both wanted to say how much we have enjoyed them. The approach is very much reward and encouragement based; the classes are small (4 puppies only in ours) and husbands and wives can attend together which we were pleased about. You can also bring up any problems with your pet that are bothering you, or seek advice on training equipment and Rachel is always happy to help. The difference in our puppy’s behaviour is noticeable.

Definitely recommend Abbey Dog Training for training your pup or dog – thank you!

Robin & Sonya, Puppies
Mimi somehow got out of her harness and attempted to run off today. After shouting ‘Mimi come!’ she came running back to me, much to my relief. Even though she doesn’t listen most of the time, this was a really important time for her to listen. I just want to thank you to teaching me this command, maybe without this training I wouldn’t have her with me today. Thank you very much!
Sapna, Puppies
I really enjoy the classes. The standard of attention we get from you [Rachel], Lesley and Tracey is always excellent.
Kathy, Rally & Agility
“I have just finished my second Agility course with Rachel and I can not wait for the next one to start! The classes are brilliant, We have learnt so much already in a fun and relaxed environment. Rachel is fab, she has realistic expectations and tailors her teaching to each dog. She praises our achievements, no matter how small, and laughs with us when things don’t go quite right! (e.g. when Wilbur decides to do a high speed lap of the arena rather than the actual course!) She gives us all the help we need and helps to teach us (the owners) ways that we can improve individually with our own dogs. With Rachel’s knowledge and great teaching, all of the dogs are making personal improvements week on week. Wilbur absolutely loves it and I look forward to every class.”
Hannah, Agility
We realised quite quickly that we had a lot to learn in order to fully enjoy life with Archie, our Lakeland Terrier. He’s our first dog and whilst choosing a terrier with open eyes for their character, friendliness and confident behaviour, we needed professional help to survive Archie’s mischievous ways.
We turned to Rachel at Abbey Dog Training for professional help and can whole-heartedly recommend her professional but fun approach to training. We started with a puppy home visit to where Rach taught us some of the basics to practice with Archie and gave us some easy to understand notes. We enrolled on Rach’s ‘hands-on’ and interactive classes at Chiseldon where training takes place in a controlled, safe and fun environment. It’s clear that Rach spends a lot of time planning the classes so that everyone gets the most out of each hourly session; the numbers are limited so there are never too many dogs (and owners!) present but Archie gets the opportunity to be in the same room with other dogs and demonstrate his newly acquired skills (when he’s in the mood!) to the rest of the class.
At around five months old Archie went through a particularly ‘mouthy’ stage which was testing our wits and could at times be quite upsetting. We had another one-hour home visit where Rach listened to our concerns and observed Archie’s behaviour. Rach formulated a regime change for us which we duly followed and things quickly turned around.
We continue to enjoy the classes and have booked our fourth course that starts early in 2015. This will give us the pointers we need as Archie enters his teenager stage!
Chris & Sarah, Highworth, Wiltshire, Puppies
Over two years ago we had two additions to our family Millie and Murphy. Having not much previous contact with dogs after a bit of research we found Abbey Dog Training and thus began puppy’ classes. These classes were invaluable for learning the basics and having the opportunity to progress to advanced training. Since puppy training Murphy has been doing agility which his favourite activity ever and it has taught me so much about handling Murphy whilst we both are having a great time. Millie wasn’t keen on agility but Rachel offers a number of different classes so we tried out Flyball which was great fun. We’re starting something new in a few weeks ‘Rally O’ and we are really looking forward to it. The range of classes and activities offered means there is lots to try giving you the opportunity to find out what your dog loves. Also Rachel has the patience of a saint when the humans play up. I highly recommend Abbey Dog Training to any dog owner.
Lorraine & Justin, Swindon, Wiltshire, Puppies
I couldn’t recommend Rachel more, from the initial emails all the way through the 6 week course Rachel has being incredibly helpful and informative and is very passionate about what she does.
I attended the puppy course with my 9 week old golden retriever, he was very young and had to stay on my lap for the first 2 weeks because he hadn’t finished his inoculations* but it was great for him to socialise with other puppies and what I learnt from each class I took home and practiced.
He is a very good boy (95% of the time!!) his sit, down and stay are excellent. With Rachel’s advice and tips, his recall is also brilliant. I can’t thank or recommend Rachel enough.
Rebecca Backhouse, Puppies

*Note from Rachel.
Dogs can and should go out of the house before they have finished their vaccinations as long as you carry them and don’t put them on the floor. The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are the most informative, and it is vital to start the training  and getting them used to the world straight away. As Rebecca says, Marley was on her lap but she listened to what I was teaching and took the information home with her to start practicing in the safety of her own home.

We moved house recently, so regretfully will not be able to go back to Abbey Dog Training for further training.  We would like to thank Leanne for all her fantastic advice and her patience and care . We will never forget her and sure McLeod won’t either as he absolutely loved Leanne.  Thank you also to Yvonne for everything you have done to help make our training run smoothly.

Brenda & Jim, 1-to-1 training

My puppy, Danny raced out of an open door this am and headed straight for the road. On the verge of panic, which would have only made things worse I used the command I’d practiced last Tuesday, ‘Danny…COME!’   He stpped dead and came straight back to me for his treat, and I happened to have a ‘high value’ one in my pocket.

A close call but how fantastic the outcome. Thanks Abbey Dog Training!

Jan, Puppy Socialisation Programme

We really were quiet worried about Max’s shy behaviour before we came to you and had some invaluable advice about what we should and shouldn’t do. We have been for 2 walks today (half way down the street and back) but Max is happy to do this and no more at present. He didn’t even mind someone on a bike that went past which was a surprise! We are so impressed with Max and how he is progressing we would love him to do the next course with you.

Thanks so much again for all your help and see you very soon.

Sarah, Puppy Socialisation Programme

Knowing how important positive early socialisation is but feeling nervous about how to ensure I went about it in the right way, I attended this course with Doug. It covered lots of different areas of socialisation and there were lots of opportunities for questions; it’s really helped us to get off on the right foot. We’ve now moved on to part 2 (training essentials) and I continue to use the skills I learned in the socialisation programme, so that Doug can hopefully become a dog I can take anywhere with me when he’s all grown up!

Rachael, Puppy Socialisation Programme
I could not owe you and Donna any more thanks. What a great few days we have had with Sammy since the session. He has been listening and doing great with the touch game.

We have had two challengers where dogs have run up to him off the lead whilst Sammy was on his lead, before he would have reacted he just sniffed and wagged his tail followed by turning to me for his treat with a golden retriever, and played lovely with a Labrador. I was in shock I nearly cried it was superb!

I know we are on a long road to Sammy being sorted with it all but I feel so incredibly happy that already Sammy has made improvements! Thank you again and looking forward to all future training sessions.

Lisa, Behaviour
My dog Pikachu and I have been training with Rachel for the last six months. The first day I arrived with my little puppy who was bouncing off the walls I thought that getting her to do anything for me would be impossible! But with Rachel’s guidance in the group classes and private lessons I’m starting to believe there is nothing my puppy can’t do! She now picks up my keys when I drop them and I am proud to walk her showing off how good her lead walking is. We have lots more to learn but I look forward to the training process as much as the results. Thanks Rachel 🙂
Tabitha, Thatcham, Berkshire, Puppies